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yeah, i had a PG-10, i sold it. didn’t really get on with it,
and it lacks a backlight on the display. has 2 midi outs or
something, i forget. you have to feed back a midi in for it to
update, and i had difficulty configuring that. wasn’t what i
wanted anyway.

nice format, and can edit on all parts, but i just wasn’t using it.
i now use my Novation RemoteSL templates to edit, and have backlit
lcd to display info, much better.

i decided to make the Ctrlr editor because it’s impossible to
edit everything with a remote: just not enough pages/presets
on the Novation, and it seemed like the D-110 could be cool
used like a plugin. (also have a k1r that i like a lot, same
deal great cheapie digisynths)

so, yes, probably should’ve started by looking at old atari editors.
but it does follow a very similar logic to what i’m aiming for.
i was considering this type of vertical layout instead the other
day, and i’m still not happy with where i’ve put the LFO controls.
-it’s all a bit up in the air at the moment, to be honest !
(hence my polling for consultation…)