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infernalConundrum. (woops, i forgot to go to work)
how to deal with patchTone and patchToneGroup:
ie: there are tempTimbre memories, pt1-8, plus rhythm part, which
has 1 rhythm setup (as far as i can work out, this is a global kit,
and is not stored with a patch -but i may be wrong. haven’t been able
to store a rhythm setup with a patch yet.

also, with reverb params, have only been able to edit as a global/system parameter, and not per patch.

nor am i confident about saving Reserve per patch: it seems to respond
only as a system setting.
(could this be an OS bug with this version D-110? have not checked version)

looking at page 117 of the D-110 manual.
the steinberg editor layout is good, got some ideas from that.