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i just loaded JayV in Ctrlr standalone here – i downloaded it at the
same place, assume it’s still the same.

no error message here – but it isn’t connected to a JV. have you tried
running JayVee as a Ctrlr standalone?(if you are running it inside the
CtrlrVST.dll – you can ‘export a restricted instance’ from there, and get
a ‘hardcopy’ of the dll that you can put in the plugins folder.

anyway: looking at the lua editor of the bpanelz, ‘initialiseValues’ method
-double click to view it- has an entry:

-- Called when the panel has finished loading
initializeValues = function()
	console("======== Trying to decode modulators ======")

and it is having a problem at ‘console’. you don’t need that line,
it doesn’t do anything. so just input ‘–‘ (2 hyphens) before
‘console’ to disable that line – it greys out.

now go: file>save and compile, it will go ‘OK’ in the bottom box
of the code page.

there’s a 2nd ‘console’ command a bit lower, so do the
same thing there, minimize the lua editor, and re-save the file
with a new name, eg JayVee_MyEdit1, with the extension *.bpanelz
(‘export>export compressed binary and resources – so that it includes
resources such as images, fonts, etc.)

so then try to load that, either in the ctrlr standalone, or in
the ctrlrVST.dll – check midi devices in/out –
maybe that will work. there is not much lua in this panel, so if
the communication methods work, retrieving data from the JV, and
assigning values to the panel, you’ll get 2 way communication.
probably best to try an 1<>1 connection without other devices first.

hopefully it will run just by disabling those ‘console’ entries.

you will find out if ‘initializeValues’ runs on next startup, as
it’s the panel startup method.