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ok, well we tried to hack it.. i think *just disabling the ‘console’ part*
was enough, – if the rest runs. because that stuff is needed for the midi
communication. it’s normal it won’t display any patch name etc. if you removed
all the lua that produces it 🙂

you can probably still open another midi port, and run the output of the
editor into something like midiox, if you’re on a PC. you need a virtual
midiport such as loopbe1 (or Mac equivalent of these)

i’m fairly sure the panel sends out sysex: the message boxes look ok,
and i think i ran this one myself to read off the sysex at one point.

there is something strange with the JV in how waveforms change: you
have to send 3 bytes there, or it turns up a blank waveform slot.
you’d think it would be enough to send bank and number, but it wants
wavegroup too (ie expansion board?)

btw: i’ve done a Novation RemoteSL midi template for the JV (patch edit)
-i cut it down a bit where waveform selection happens, so i get just
synth-type waveforms; seems to work pretty well (last time i tried it),
and makes editing the JV very simple. let me know if you want it because
i’ve messed up all old links by moving my files.