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lol. to a certain extent … in fact dnaldoog is much clearer
than me. just do as he suggests!! just disable the ‘console’
bits by ‘commenting them out’ with those two minus/hyphen symbols.

why, > there seems to be a problem with the most recent version of
Ctrlr with the ‘console()’ command, which is like ‘print()’ with
other languages/environments. ie: it DID work – and does on the
version i’m using for PC – but is now, apparently, according to
pôsts, broken, causing Ctrlr to crash that method (current workaround is to
use console(toString(etc) ), which is what dnaldoog mentions)

my fault then: if you just ‘comment out’ the 2 ‘console’ lines,
and resave the file – my first suggestion – you should get a
loadable version. (you don’t need those ‘console’ entries, all
they do is ‘print’ out the text in the brackets to an interface
called ‘the console’ – and here, they are just used by the programmer
for checking eg: you don’t need them, and this should be all that is
stopping it from running)