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human fly
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i just tried to concatenate strings that i’m sending
to text labels, containing hexdata for values. seems
to do something…
edit: but it is outputting gibberish. doesn’t correspond
to what’s in the ‘lcds'(labels) – so it shouldn’t be

function buildBankA()
--concatenate strings
local data1=panel:getComponent("lcd_presetData1"):getPropertyString("uiLabelText")
local data2=panel:getComponent("lcd_presetData2"):getPropertyString("uiLabelText")
local data3=panel:getComponent("lcd_presetData3"):getPropertyString("uiLabelText")
local data4=panel:getComponent("lcd_presetData4"):getPropertyString("uiLabelText")

	tabl_bankA = {}

	tabl_bankA[1]	= tostring(data1)
	tabl_bankA[2]	= tostring(data2)
	tabl_bankA[3]	= tostring(data3)
	tabl_bankA[4]	= tostring(data4)

--concatenate table into single string
	DatasConcat = table.concat(tabl_bankA, " ", 1, 4)
--make a memory block from the string
	memB = MemoryBlock(DatasConcat)

--send it to lcd
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