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😀 GREAT ! thank you !
perfect: i now get all my bytes as they should be. excellent.
i’ve just done it the way most resembling my original, so now
i’ll go back and do it the way you suggest. (could you elaborate
on ?macros? s=L(etc. ) )

so i only need to specify start and end with the table if i’m
not concatenating all of it? and ‘data1…4’ are already strings,
so no need for tostring.. and yes i did have ‘MemB’, and it does
make sense to go direct with ‘DatasConcat’. i used the memory block
bit because it was in what i was adapting : -)

it’s the first time i’ve attempted something like this.
along the way i’ve looked at getLuaData/getData again, and that
seems pretty straightforward (hoho, sure i’ll have some problem
there) – i’m wondering if i should just ditch the notion of
using a ‘virtual external device’ for this demo panel, for the
sake of clarity (it means figuring out how to do it, when i
won’t even be using it, as well). any ideas how i might do
a ‘virtual’ getData? (haven’t actually thought of it yet)

ie: the idea there is to achieve transfer/receive without
having an external device connected, of course. so i guess
it needs to be something as close to a midimessage as poss’,
without using that Ctrlr function.(don’t know if you opened
the panel?)