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…meanwhile.. thinking of a way to save parameter values
to presets…(different thing here, another little detour):

there’s a method called panelSaveCurrent, and the preset buttons
display which is active with a ‘led’ above it: this is just a
label with a text hyphen, which changes colour for off(dark)/on(orange)

(this is to avoid using an imported image, and because Ctrlr doesn’t have
a native LED graphic)

so, i was thinking that if ‘save’ checked “uiLabelTextColour” for all
button ‘leds’ to find out which one is ‘on’ ie: colour == FFD28008,
then that will be the preset to be saved ie: at this point, it will
just write the bytes to the corresponding presetData label.

anyway, so if i could use something like this:

for i=1,4 do
local s=L(panel:getComponent("ledText"..i):getProperty("uiLabelTextColour"))

haven’t got it to work yet, but:
if i can get it to send a string, it can also collect the current values,
concatenate them, and send that instead.
well that’s the current idea anyway.