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oh wow, so you’re having a crazy time in Venezuela…

editing the JV doesn’t use MIDI CC messages – those are
just assignable for a few real-time controls –
it uses sysex (system exclusive) messages.

tbh, you don’t need to edit those console messages at all,
and if they are causing a problem, why not start over again,
and install the 5.4.2 version of Ctrlr instead. the panel runs
here, and you should not have to do anything to it. maybe just
try to get the original file to run correctly first.

i don’t recommend trying to rewrite it to get it to work if
it means spending ages learning Lua etc. – still don’t quite
know why you are having problems getting it to run.

if you install 5.4.2 (on PC?) you can check the output of
Ctrlr by running Midiox, where you can observe the midi output
on the activity monitor. you should see stream of messages
dropping down as you change controls on the panel (you have
to match up midi device in/out – you also have to install
loopbe1, which is a virtual midi interface that runs on PC.
there are probably equivalents for Mac for these, but i don’t
know what they are/are called)