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hang on.. i’m struggling to understand that..
what do you mean? i *created a modulator*?
the modulator existed beforehand, but without that property.
i wrote and ran that method, and it created an extra ‘property’,
as far as i can see, on an existing modulator.

because i did(whatever it was…)
modul = panel:getModulatorWithProperty("modulatorCustomIndex",k)
it seems to have added the ‘new’ property to the ‘custom’-relevant

i’m not going to pretend i understand ‘custom’: it doesn’t behave
as expected. i just use this normally to ‘get’ a bunch of items
that i want to apply (normally a random) to. and in this case it
was so that i could have the thumb colour change on all faders each
time i switched presets which i thought could look quite cool.

meeeeh, but i don’t have any problem going back a version, i didn’t
do that much in between v24 and v25, lost worse stuff before.

just thought it was an interesting little glitch. hey it looks like
one could spend a lifetime finding out stuff like this..