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human fly
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ker-raazy ! you da man, dnaldoog 😀
congrats, i have fixed it with that. brilliant.

i have replaced the line:

modul:setProperty("uiSliderThumbColour","FFD28008", false)



and ran it once, and the additional property is no longer there.
nb: this only relates to the
thing that i did. not something you want to do in everyday use..

okay, seems to be back to normal now, and will remove both of
those bits of code, and try to do it another way.

>see the v.26 panel here, in the method: ‘panelPreset1’: it is
all commented out now.(you should be able to reproduce it by
using the first part once, then the second part, once, separately)

so: what could you suggest to change ‘thumb colour’ on all
10 faders belonging to that uiTabs? bearing in mind that
already have a custom index.

(mm: really do not grasp how the ‘custom’ properties work:
had originally assumed that they all related to each other,
but that does not seem to be the case, and now i find out
that it is not necessarily a viable way to ‘tag’ modulators
in order to apply an action to them.. merits a closer look,
detailed explanation.)

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