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scary. going to have to get my head round that.

quick recap: i put extBank into memory block memB just so that
i could getSize() on it without it returning a nil error.
trying to (ermm) keep it as similar as possible to what happens
when it’s a Ctrlr midi message. as in (midiMessage).

i’m thinking that if i can get all the bytes of the big string
into a table, then it will be easier to get them by index with
getRange() – which has been returning nil errors as well – and
then i can do what i want with them (within the limited capabilities
at my current disposal lol). i’m very heath-robinson/string+sellotape.

but this is what happens, isn’t it, when a bulk dump comes in, and
the device, or panel, want to send its little presets into their
little pigeonhole memory slots, and then everyone’s happy. right?

hello device, send me your stuff. ok, here it is, do your thing.
ok, thanks. this goes here, this goes here…etc…and this one
goes here, done.

mainly called ‘midiMessageReceived’ in most of these panels i look
at. edit: no it, isn’t, i just looked; i can’t remember where i’ve
seen the thing i remember.

say, if i had a sysex header in there: ‘f0 41 10 blabla’ and f7 at
the end, on the bulkdata – then i’d want to skip the header and
ender, but all would have an index position, say, in a table(i like
array, that’s cool too – seems people talk about tables here), so
i just want to grab index ranges and send the data to the preset
slots. i think that would do it.

(believe it or not, i was trying/achieving text based sequencers
in synthedit with similar techniques – sirsicksik/siksick was the
master of this, but nobody ever understood his prefabs. or his

can we skip gsub for the time being? 😀