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ok, i see how that last section works – this is ok as long as
all values incoming are ‘literal’, and i don’t have to deal
with any ‘mapped’ offsets ie: pan with midi value 0-14 where it
is displayed as -7<0>+7

As you know, in such a case -7 to +7 are actually the values 0-14 so as far as midi and the D-110 are concerned. It’s only at the interface level that you would need to display -7 – +7 and in fact 0 to the D-110 would be 7 for the control at that address (you know this, but someone else reading this might not). That’s where you would use uiFixedSlider etc.

I suppose there could be some reason to convert the midi values 0,1 to -7, -6 etc in lua (ie sending text to uiLabel), but for pure sending of midi and receiving I don’t think it is necessary 🙂

in practice, i will have to split this read-off of values from
the incoming data whenever i…

Sometimes you may want to load every byte into a table and then run various functions on the address stored in the table rather than run a series of if/else on every midi-data-byte. But either would work.

i wanted to play with it without it being a Ctrlr midi
message type – because that seems to require it to be a message
incoming on the midi bus.(if you see what i mean..)

Do you mean doing all this without being connected to the D-110? No doubt that makes it a bit more difficult to test, but maybe you could set up a program like Midi-Ox to transmit sysex messages to your panel? 😕