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human fly
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yes Paul, thank you – i like your midi received, seguing
into the assign values, that is very clear and easy to read.
i’m running the same version as you, so it should open as
you save it. Ctrlr’s quite weird software: if i double click
the panel to run it, it brings along one of my old panels
– the same one always seems to like to join in, with bpanelz
like that lol ( a bit like one of the cats here )

how come your sustain level ‘scales’ (gets shorter) in some
situations? how do you do that? i’ve got this as a fixed length.

see also that you are using VST Index to ID your modulators.
makes sense – tried doing this with custom index but..anyway
if you read the other topic, you’ll have seen what can happen.
hopefully atom will pop up one day to enlighten us more on
how to use custom parameters.