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mmm? i tried your panel – my onboard midi interface is loopbe1, how
i link to midiox. didn’t get anything there yet. but i’m going to
look at it more closely.

can we look at this splitting of a string into 4 strings thing?
i call the string content ‘extBank’, then i make a memory block
of that, so i can getSize – the way you can with a midi message –
(not essential, but just so i can ‘tick that box’)

if i do memB toHexString, i don’t get hex data, i get something
else – so i’ve skipped that.

instead, i’m doing:

prog1Data 	= memB:getRange(1,20)
preset1 = prog1Data:toHexString(1)
	console("preset1 :"..preset1)

and the same, through prog2data, prog3data, prog4data.
what i get back is prog1 has 20 bytes, but starts at
byte2 (misses the first one), and then all the rest of
the data is in prog2, and prog3 + 4 have nothing.
and i’m not getting any errors.
confoooosed 🙂

thinking: if i can get the ‘data’ with these, it should
be possible to send it to the label slots that the presets
refer to…. -?- (hey just for kicks)