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    I should have explained that panel more clearly. The green button just a trigger for a script that fills all modulators named modulator-1 … modulator56 with names from a table of D110 parameters or controls. I didn’t have to type each name into Ctrlr, so I thought that might be of interest to you. Once initialized it is no longer needed. What you do is send a sysex message (see attached syx file) from MidiOx to the panel through LoopBe1 (input device in Ctrlr) and it will load each sysex value into each modulator. You don’t do anything with the panel, it is just receiving data.

    s:gsub("^%s*(.-)%s*$", "%1") is a regex expression that looks for space at the beginning or end of a string and removes it (in this case). I don’t think I could come up with that expression.

    console(String(i.."[".. v.."]")) this is just printing the index number “i” of the table and its value “v” to the console. There are four strings printed that were split from the 80 character (240 byte string). The 240 byte string ends with a space, hence the function that strips that space at the end.

    Each process or function that works on the string is broken down into separate functions or methods as they may be called, which makes for easier readability (perhaps?) and easier management of code (perhaps?).

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