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You can do this with so-called “global variables”. You will need one global variable and the ms/ls vars you already know about. Look at the demo-panel for the Matrix-1000 – the mod-matrix. You will find it in the Ctrlr-folder. It uses 3 global variables per mod-matrix-routing. A routing consists of 3 parameters (Source, Amount, Destination) which are all sent together in one sysex message. First global var is called “k0” so the message would look something like this:

43 Yamaha Corp.
01 Device ID
30 identifies the RM 50
03 indicates that a parameter will be changed
06 indicates MEMORY BANK (it´s set here to internal user bank)
k0 indicates the preset/program number to edit
02 indicates change inside Element 1 (RM voices have two elements)
03 indicates volume of this element

Watch out the field “Expression to evaluate when calculating the modulator value from the midi message value”.

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