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human fly
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i have been using:

--convert to hex
--local tabl_hexcurrent = {}
--for _,v in ipairs (tbl_voiceval) do 
--dataconcat = table.concat(tabl_hexcurrent," ")
--console(String("hex : "..dataconcat))
-- ----------------------------------------------------
--make a memory block from the string
--local MemB = nil
--MemB = MemoryBlock(dataconcat)

so i should try your function.
i am wondering about MSB/LSB – ?!? … because evidently
simple string.format will not handle that (haven’t tried
yet) – and then the ‘7bit 2’s complement’ for negative …
basically, some value ranges are -600 to +600, and one is
even -320 to +240.

in fact, for this, i must dig out the RX7 and observe how
many increments actually take place, and read the results
out into midiox ( ie: cheat !! ) – i think FixedSlider uses
a list of values, but have a feeling that the Object Properties
would require too much compromise.
note: the RX7 can send its most recent parameter by pressing
the ‘Enter’ button. that will at least give me the sysex message.

oh-ho-ho … and THEN, each ‘Key’ (a pad within a kit) has
‘offset parameters’ for 4 of the voice edit parameters…aaagh.
so i do need to have a pause and meditate on it all a little bit
at this point 😉