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Hi all,
as the developing activity on this panel seems to be ceased (am i wrong?) i would like to help completing it.
I’m just starting studing the all CTRL framework and i do have a certain amount of coding skills (mostly C, C++).
I guess LUA is a pretty simple one to learn having some coding experience.
So i have some general CTRL questions and some other panel specific ones.

1. CTRL documentations seems limited to the online section on the CTRL site. Is there any documentation of the CTRL API?

2. I wonder how this TG77 panel implement Bulk Request and how all the relevant modulators receive their values from the date received from TG77.

3. I try now to list all the missing features of the panel.
A) Retrieve Patch Name and write and Send a patch name.
B) AFM3 and AFM4 elements
C) Deal with all Multi, Tuning, Program Change Table, System, Pan, Drum Set data.
D) A more structured integrated Librarian to deal with TG77 memory.
E) Eventually work with sample transfer for the AWM elements.

Any help from the panel developer and the community?
Thanks and all the best