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I own a bs rack (not super bs), and the programming of it is tricky, mostly because half of its params (everything in OSC and LFO sections) may be referenced only via Sysex, and it seems, that you can’t address a particular control like in rolands or kawais. You always have to send the program snapshot via sysex, otherwise all values not included will be automatically dropped to zero. At least, that’s how it is done in MidiQuest. Each value must be split between two bytes (for reasons unclear to me, MidiQuest values range from 00 03 to 0F 0C).

I’m new to Ctrlr, but it seems, that to implement this behavior one should create the whole layout of Sysex controls and then process them with a single script chaining their values into a single Sysex command (for every control change). So I’m trying to dig into ctrlr LUA api now (no success).