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Thank you for the great editor. I got JV2080 and realised that you guys published the editor on the same day I turned my synth for the first time.
I have some questions/problems/suggestions.
1. Both standalone and VST editor show status as offline all the time. I have setup midi as shown in manual. The Editor can receive and send data to the synth it seems yet status is still “offline” Why is this so?
2. It would be great if manual would go through explaining scenarios for different midi settings options so it is easier to troubleshoot possible. Now according to manual, there is only one good midi setup that would imply others are needless (I presume they are not)
3. Randomization does not seem to work for me well. pressing “Rand” will randomuze the title of the patch on the synth display itself, but not on th epatch panel in th eeditor, also after pressing “Rand” the patch does not make any sound at all any more (mo matter how many times I try)
4. In Patch mode while the patch title is randomised on the synth display and I press “get” in the editor (right next to the patch pan pot) Editor does not recieve the name change.
5. If I go to “PERF” mode, pres on one of the parts, and then go to “PATCH” mode. To the left I wull have the name of the last Patch I edited, in the comm page of the patch editor it will show the name of the part I pressed in the “PERF” mode, adn on th esynth display I still have randomized patch title because I have pressed “rand” just a momment before switching i described in this 5th point.
6. It would be great if performances, and patches could be choosen wherever their name is shown (either by arrows scrolling backa nd forth through their respective bank, or by a drop down that shows their respective bank). ATM the only way to choose different patches is from “LIB” tab if I got it right.
7. I have read the manual but still do not understand how to choose different Performances from the Editor? “LIB” tab seems to only manage patches and rhythms
8. I have noticed that pan pot in the parts list of the performance view sometimes does not correspond (update) with the pan pot in the “part” tab, and also some parts do not seem not to change pan when I move the pan pot (it might be due to some feature of the synth I do not understand yet)

All in all, thanks for your time I hope this feedback is of any help.