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Hi nkovac, thanks for your input, much appreciated.

First I have to say that I haven’t tested the editor with a JV2080, just with a XP30.

1. After looking at the JV2080 manual, it seems that it can’t receive or transmit identity request messages, and this is the message used to know if the synth is online or offline. I’ll add this info in the manual.

2. There can be several configurations, it depends on your setup, if you’re using multi client midi drivers with your MIDI interface, if you’re using or not a DAW, the use of virtual midi ports… The config explained in the manual is the config I’ve tested (so I can help if it doesn’t work for you) and the one that give maximum control over the synth with no multi client MIDI drivers. Anyway, feel free to experiment with other configs.

3. Can’t reproduce this issue. When I press rand, the patch is randomized both on the synth and in the editor. After pressing rand several times, depending on the % amount and specially if you didn’t locked certain parameters, you could get no sound (due to key and velocity small ranges, low volumes, envelopes…).

4. I can’t reproduce this also. The patch name changes on both the synth and the editor. When I press get, the editor receives the patch (that is the same it was already in the editor).

5. This don’t happen here. It’s just that names don’t update, other parameters are correct? The sound is the correct?

6. Yes, the only way to load sounds is thru the browser, but this will not change.

7. The browser is just for patches and rhythms, and this also will not change. There are other free librarians that deal with this much better.
The main goal of the editor is to be able to use the synth in a DAW just like any other vst instrument, with total recall of parameters for each project. The browser is just a little add on for browsing patches and rhythms.

8. I’ve checked all pan sliders and all are working.

Several of the problems could point to performance problems. Are you using a fast or slow computer? Many panel functions are sequences of actions driven with timers, and it could be that on some computers the interval used is not enough. I would need more reports to have a better idea.