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Hi dasfaker,
Sorry for my terrible typing, just realised how bad it is 😀
1. That makes sense. That “offline” status was putting me off all the time so I was not sure what was intended behaviour and what was not.
2. That also makes sense, It might help others to state that in the manual in the same manner, my first instinct was to enable everything (because of the offline status message)
3. Yes, that’s what I thought too. I just realised that for instance attack times get very long and so there seems to not be any sound. trying to change te attack value I noticed another bug. the envelope graph graphics do not update on thjis new randomized patch (they did earlier)check the attached video.
4. Please see attached video “randomised name not updating” the name shown on the synth display itself at the moment of the video capture is something randomised like “.{..(s.D)..j”
5. Please see the attached image named “names_not changed” to reproduce it all I have to do is to klick on any part of the performance, click “PATCH” to switch to patch mode result is that the Patch name of the only patch in the list on the left changes, but the name in “comm” panel for the patch in the middle of the screen stays the same at the performance part selected in the beginning. playing on the virtual heyboard at the bottom shows that th epatch has indeed changed, switching to some other tab and then back to “comm” refreshes the name
6. “browser” being the “LIB” tab? I must admit it is quite cumbersome, as it makes switching through patches on the synth itself quicker when searching for the sound and not the name.
7. JV2080 is multitimbral, so I am using your fine editor loaded as a VST on one track in Ableton, routing multiple midi tracks into it on different channels. Great thing is that reloading ableton project (or set as they call it) indeed recalls back the Performance used with all the right parts. (if the synth is in PATCH mode then in editor switching back and forth from perf to patch and back to perf is needed for the synth to update) however, at the moment there is no simple or practical way to switch through the performances in the editor 🙁
8. My bad I mixed up the Pan and Volume pots (while in the performance mode) on the “part” tab and “comm” tab (as they look the same). The ones in “part” really correspond with the one in the left list of the parts, but the ones in the “comm” tab do nothing for me. I reckon they should modify the volume and pan settings of the patch itself but nothing happens here.

My computer is Intel i7 3770K, 32gb of ram, nVidia GTX560(Ti i think), RME multiface II as audio and midi inteface, running Windows 10 64bit

PS attachment being only about 3mb are too big for the forum it seems I can email them to you if you wish.

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