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Well, I’m still using 5.3.201 because I had problems with the newer ones on my panels. Don’t remember what but 5.3.201 is fine for me and at the moment I’m not trusting the newer versions.

I was was looking to github though. Indeed in old SourceForge I can see LImage.cpp

Why would this have been removed??? It is a pain if things starts to get removed as we are building panels and they are relying on the possibilities of the platform.
That the platform evolves is fine but newer versions must absolutely be kept compatible with older ones otherwise it makes the platform unreliable!!!

I’ll try what you gave. Thx dasfaker!

Need to find a way to feed the custom component with the image…

Btw, is Atom still developing Ctrlr? Can’t those Image related Juce classes not be added?
Why don’t we take the full Juce without raising questions?
It would open Ctrlr to other users/developers maybe?

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