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Hello to you,
In advance, sorry for my English, this one is not perfect.

I have almost completed the French translation of version 25 goodweather’s step-by-step guide.

I would like to have your permission to diffuse my translation on a French forums very known.
This so that other people than me want to use Ctrlr and Lua.
I had to adapt some sentences to make it clearer for us.
But I was careful to keep the meaning.
Normally, there should not be any big mistakes.

Here is the page where I would like to put my translation:,editeur-midi-universel-ctrlr,post.7965330.html

As and when, I would add the guide’s updates. (Did you understand this subliminal message?)

I want to thank atom for Ctrlr and goodweather and Puppeteer for the guide.
As well as the others for their contributions.

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