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can’t tell if there’s a difference if i make a
‘nested’ function ‘local’ or not. either seems to
work with this.

i suppose it keeps the function name local, so you
could have two functions with the same name, as
long as they are ‘local’ to the method.

that’s actually what i’ve got at the moment, re-ordering
the mess i’ve made.
– – –
update on the other thing, not being able to call external
functions from a Library method: that was user error, partly.
i had commented out a couple of lines because i forgot what
they were for – turned out they were needed.
however: it seems that some of my (remote?) functions work
from the Library, and others i have to keep within the method
for now: i can run them straight as part of the main script,
or break it down into little local functions (not much point
unless it’s called more than once?)
i’ll probably find out why eventually. i had merged several
operations sharing the same iteration – seemed like a good
idea at the time, but now it means having to separate it