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Hey, thanks for this editor.

I am having some problem that I believe is on my end and nothing to do with a glitch with the editor.

Basically after following your instructions I can only do a few things:
1. My MKS-50 will send the parameters to the editor (when I hit tone with midi lock on)
2. Through the editor I am able to change between presets.

That’s it however. If I try to move any of the sliders no changes in sound occur. I must be missing something here because I also downloaded Alphabase and had the same exact issue. Is there some setting I’m missing? Memory protection is off.


I’ve resolved my issue: Turns out it’s my USB to MIDI cable. I have like the cheapest one offered on Amazon and it doesn’t support sysex which is how the MKS-50 and Alpha Juno receive data. I’ll leave this up so that others that might run into the issue will have a reference.

In case you have a cheap USB to MIDI cable like I do, you don’t need to bother buying a more expensive cable. The issue is that the firmware of that the cable provides is not (on its own) capable of processing the amount of data sysex sends. In order to mitigate this issue, download MIDIOX, reroute the midi going from CTRLR to MIDIOX and the MIDIOX going out. Then in MIDIOX limit the amount of data going out (through configuring buffers I believe). I played with the bytes allowed until I got this to work. Goodluck!