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The Elf
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Yes, it is a Windows sharing thing. You are answering your question.

It’s just that Ctrlr cannot access any port that is referenced in Cubase’s MIDI Device Manager. If I remove the reference then Ctrlr accesses the port just fine.

Ctrlr needs it’s own ports, so you have two apps trying to access the same port, Cubase and Ctrlr. If the ports were multi client, you could use the same port with Cubase and Ctrlr.

I can’t help you with Cubase, but have you tried to use “input from plugin host” and “output to plugin host” and not selecting any midi in/out device?

I’m *am* trying to use ‘input from host’ and ‘output to host’, but no data is coming out of Ctrlr in that mode.

It honestly isn’t a Windows sharing thing – I’ve proved that. I definitely *can* use ports more than once. That really isn’t the problem. I can prove this with any port that is not referenced in MIDI Device Manager. Cubase can access the same port as Ctrlr this way and everything works fine. It’s just that I can’t name my instruments without using MDM – I have to remember the ports and with 24 MIDI ports that’s a bit galling.

I’m using Ctrlr as a plug-in, not as a separate app.

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