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The Elf
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TBH the reason I first bought an MKS-70 *was* as a rack-mounting JX-8P (which it replaced)! I’ve never needed it to be any more than that. The doubled voice count was (and remains) a huge plus, and I’d trade that for dual Tones every time.

When I first discovered the horrors of shared Tones I knew I was never going to use them. From that point my MKS-70 has remained one Patch, one Tone. I’ve actually met a few other owners who’ve done the same. Interestingly, the JP-80×0 finally did things properly and gave us independent Tones within Patches, but with the System 8 Roland back-pedalled to shared Tones again, which is crazy IMO!

If I ever felt the need to use a dual Tone sound I could use one of the 14 last Patch locations and only layer unedited Tones. I can’t see me doing that, though.

I may use Ctrtr in standalone up to a point, but I often send small song-specific adjustments to my synths in Cubase. I will call up a preset, then have Cubase make a couple of adjustments on playback. It means I don’t have to save every small adjustment as a new Tone/Patch. I don’t want to have to leap in and out of Cubase to make these edits on the fly.

It would be very difficult to exploit the new abilities of V4 without an editor. I’m really looking forward to making use of my V4 and your excellent panel!

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