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human fly
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i take your point.
me, i remain, as you know(!) a novice. (an ‘enthusiast’?)
but the majority of us here, afaik, are amateur not-for-profit,
and what’s the point of a forum if we can’t discuss new tricks?
or just common practice? it’s what makes a community interesting.

besides, you don’t have to reveal all of your game, and it’s how
you discuss things ultimately, and how much you choose to share.

as for the ‘manual’ – it would be almost impossible to write the
whole book, wouldn’t it? we have reference resources, like other
Lua sites, and (erm…) the github pages, now gone. i posted links
to zips of their content because they’re useful for knowing what’s
at our disposal in Ctrlr.

it seems a few people, such as yourself, have a comprehensive
overview, so of course we value that input.

really, little demo files here and there do more than any
explicative text – i learnt synthedit by studying what
everyone had done before, parsing zips of examples, keeping
the interesting ones. and that’s a much easier platform.

personally, i am not a ‘natural’ coder. i few weeks off, and
the ‘intuitive’ responses i was developing have dulled. i can’t
switch out my other life stuff at the moment, so it’s hard to
really focus. need to sort that out and pick things up again.

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