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Thanks for the replies.

I haven’t tried any emulators, I’ll try that next.

I’m only looking to have the faders automated as the Soundtracs Solo has midi mutes which can also be used. As far as digital /analogue goes, I’ve never had any digital setup that can sound like analogue. With certain sounds (electronic) that isn’t so much of a problem. With analogue sounds (real instruments and voices) digital always sounds one-dimensional to me….as if something has died. I also haven’t come across any package (in my budget) that will allow mixing with real faders…..I simply hate adjusting faders on screen. I almost bought a Presonus StudioLive Series 3 desk recently thinking I could ditch the tape, but was shocked to believe in 2018 a product could be released with only 48KHz sampling. What am I supposed to do with the last 20 years of 44.1 recordings I have? I don’t actually hear a massive difference with 44.1 and higher rates….what I do hear a difference in is good gear. RME is good gear and the Behringer units do both 44.1 and 48 and feature allegedly both the benefits of Behringer buying Midas and Klark-Technik technologies.

I have used Midi-Ox to identify the midi CC messages outputted from the 19″ brain when receiving instructions from the Ultrapilot control surface. They consist of ‘status, data1, data2, midi ch, note, and event data instructions. A typical one from moving Fader 1 just fractionally (to register from 0 to 1 u of the 127 steps) would be:

BF 00 01 16 – 00

Another one for bank shifting 1-16 to 17-32 would be:

9F 73 00 16 G8 Note Off

Would that lot be able to be used in CTRLR?

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