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As for me I have one copy of CtrlR plugin – all previous versions I have deleted manually.
Here is a picture of the automation in Logic 9. Nothing changed in automation names – they are still "undefined" but I can use them.

Probably the number of the Automation controlls predefined in CtrlR properties as "Max exported VST params" because is set to 64 by default. I have to check that theory.
I wish the names of modulators (controls whatever) could be named somehow and visible in Logic. Probably that is why I cannot see automation in Ableton cause they are undefined. Who knows )

p.s. firstly I was thinking that "undefined" releated to "Visible Name" parameter of the Component. "Name [unique]" parameter is also named according to the purpose of knob, slider, led and etc. Also I checked MIDI parametrs – they are right according to CC table of the device. VST index doesn’t match the MIDI CC… is that ok? or I have to modify VST Index parameter for every controller as MIDI CC?