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"atom":28b5jrxr wrote:
Don’t worry about the version difference it’s a SVN thing, it’s ok it always will be one smaller.

The Unknown paramters are weird they should be named, and not the Visible Name but the Modulator Name is used, could someone enlighten mi on how to add a AU instrument in Logic, i’ll be able to debug it then, i don’t know Logic at all so i can’t help really. Please write in points on how to add a AU as an instrument in Logic.[/quote:28b5jrxr]

there is no problem.

1. well first start Logic. I’m using version 9.1.7 and my Mac OS is Lion 10.7.4

2. Then go to File – New..
On first pic click Empty Project

3. Then as you started new project it will ask you to create at least one instrument, audio or whatever. Select Software Instrument

4. The go to channel mixer of the Software Instrument (left hand on the screen [b:28b5jrxr]Inst1[/b:28b5jrxr]) and click once on field above the StereoOut

5. Once you click on the field in point 4 then you have to select the CtrlR. See the path from the screen below

6. Ok, CtrlR will open. Now you may open your or any panel you want

7. To display the Automation lines press A on your keyboard and then you will be able to see Automation parameters of your instrument including the default (Main) and CtrlR as well. See picture below

Hope that helps mate.
Cheers, Ilnaz