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"atom":1ufbv0nv wrote:
Allright i ,now how to open Ctrlr, and undefined parameters are OK in that case since Logic can’t update parameter names. But once you start Ctrlr as AU, open your Nord panel, export is as a standalone instance and open that instance, do you still get undefined names in that instance ?

Also i was able to load your Nord panel on windows export it as a instance and start it, no resources were missing and it works ok. I’ll check the AU stuff asap i just need to download a "demo" version of Logic.[/quote:1ufbv0nv]

Man, that works!

But, was searching for component a while.
ok. I did export within Logic started CtrlR as AU (opened my panel) and did export as standalone instance on my mac desktop.
It took about 10 minutes to export.

I found that file with extension as "component" as AU
Opened [b:1ufbv0nv]System HD – Library – Audio – Plug-Ins – Components [/b:1ufbv0nv] – deleted previous CtrlR component file from your package. Put created for Nord Lead 3.

Started Logic
Cannot find it. I was confused…then realized that this AU is still there
[img:1ufbv0nv][/img:1ufbv0nv] hmmmm…but I deleted it..
And started..then….tada

it works man

As you can see automation values are equal to names I put for modulators (components)
Also I tried to record MIDI and did manual Automation – it works

this is great man

The only thing I would remove is "Edit Mode" and the posibility to rename Ctrl-R or do it as for exmple CtrlR + Panel name

your thoughts?

Started Logc – didn;t find it. The th