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"atom":zss1yzam wrote:
I have a question about this feature in general, do you think that it’s a good idea to add additional download options in the Device Database for downloading instances of AU/VST/Standalone for each platform, provided by panel authors, and in consequence add an auto-update feature that will check for newer versions of a perticular instance and inform the user of such an event in Ctrlr. This would require for the panel creator to upload each instance (vst/au/standalone mac/win/linux) to the device database

I was also considering automating this, that is adding an option that would automagicly pack the panel into the requested binary and send that to the user, but that would require changing the hosting provider from to something else. I’d need to be able to run WINE to update the windows binaries on the server side, it’s impossible in the current state.

Or is it maybe best to leave the distribution of instances to the panel creators and let them deal with versions updates etc.[/quote:zss1yzam]
I think that a single "central point" where to download all panels, formats, updates is better.
Else, it might be too easy to get lost and confused after a "panel hunt" on dozens of forum…
If there could have an auto-update feature that would be icing on the cake indeed <img loading=” title=”Wink” />
Thanksagain Roman for all your efforts !