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I’m also just getting started and learning and can’t provide much feedback yet. I’m not a programmer but understand sysex pretty well. I will probably never dive into LUA and all the threads around here can be intimidating for someone like me, but I am glad that you also seem to be building CTRLR to be able to do most important things without it.

CTRLR as a plugin is excellent and the simplified standalone binary is an great idea! essentially your allowing all of our synths to feel like software synths. I use Digital Performer, but i’ve started playing with using CTRLR as a plug in in reaper rewired to dp. its pretty awesome because reaper has a very good midi learn system for automation and ctrlr is essentially converting midi cc’s to sysex for easy hands on control. I would prefer to have one synth panel per track. I’d like included all snapshot and sending options, program manager and variations, but I really like the idea of it being simple and taking away all the icons and parts of CTRL needed for building panels. just what you need to use it.

I’m looking forward to the next nightly and hopefully a new stable version which includes all the new program manager features pretty soon. I got a little discouraged when I couldn’t figure out how to use global variables so I was glad to learn it was broken. I plan to make panels for all my synths eventually and your work is truly appreciated!