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"atom":2iyvlhcw wrote:
I looked at your panel but i’m afraid i don’t understand what you are trying to achieve and what’s nor working. I can work with simple examples if can provide them. If my example panel is working then the midi-cc and resource changing properties are working and so your code should work also.[/quote:2iyvlhcw]

I’m trying to get visualizations working according to what is the filter type is choosen. Filter type changes CC of the modulator. The thing is that modulator component type is uiFixedImageSlider. if i try to recreate that modulator deleting the old one first then I cannot add it onto panel – I cannot see it. I can see the other types of Slider components. But uiFixedImageSlider cannot be added.
Also if you look at picture below and you may see that rows with names as marked red are appeared when one of the modulators value change but picture (and modulator Image does exist) doesn’t change mate!!!


The image name when modulator should be shown as OFF is "nord_let_pot_full_off". When it should be ON the Image resource needs to be changed to "nord_led_pot_full". In previous CtrlR build 1047 the image was changing by script. But after I have installed the 1056 build the image resource of the uiFixedImageSlider component selected on picture above is not changing. I can select manually picture in Image Resource properties – nothing happends. If I close CTrlR and re-open it then changes applies.
I’m using Windows 7 32 bit.

Also I tried to uninstall CtrlR. And then do a clean install – didn’t help

The I uninstall build 1056 and installed build 1047. Then Image changes work fine.

P.S. MIDI CC control value change is working on 1056 CtrlR build.