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I did Nord Lead 3 panel export on latest nightly mac version of CtrlR as Standalone instance. It tooks approximately 5-10 minutes (size 44.6 Mb) to compile the standalone app. Looks great indeed

Should be "Edit Mode" accessible via that app? I think it is not required because you cannot save made changes.. i think it is pointless..whatever

I also gathered an information from MIDI monitor..I have to say this model of Clavia is sick with CC parameters..anyway I noted every single Midi CC changed parameter.
I also noted for myself issues that I wish to solve..
I will upload panel when all things will be sorted out

and my question to Atom is,

for starters,
I have the following panel settings
also I tried to enable all settings on that screen )

when app starts and if I press keyboard no sound..then I turn on program change on Nord Lead 3 then I hear the sound. Knob parameters and leds set according to patch configuration..but app do not catch that setting in visual way.
But if change program directly from app then knobs and leds on nord lead 3 are changing.

Nord Lead 3 Midi settings set to
– PrgChange as Send & Recieve
– MIDI Ctrl as Send & Recieve

Instr. SysEX ID set to All
Local set to On – that I can hear the sound (usually it is set to Off by default cause I’m using DAW)

in the end – how can changes that made manually via Nord Lead 3 controls (program change) be applied to app ..meanwhile changes made on app are visible on Nord Lead3
This all related to program change.
if I just turn the knob slider I can see on both sides Nord or app.

Hope that I described well.. do not hesitate to ask me questions if I described not well.