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Well that might depend on the DAW, i don’t see the need for two tracks BUT some DAWs have the approach taken from Cubase (where each instrument is an audio track and you need to ‘attach’ MIDI tracks)
Ctrlr needs to be treated as what people call a VSTi, that is Ctrlr receives MIDI on it’s VST MIDI Input and that MIDI input can be used in any way (either to just be passed thru to the device connected to Ctrlr, or to control parameters of Ctrlr).

The ideal, perfect way that i wanted Ctrlr to work was for it to use only VST MIDI IN/OUT, letting the DAW handle the MIDI Device (open/close/send/receive), but it seems most of the DAWs out there are crippled in that sense and can send only a small fraction of MIDI, so Ctrlr is really not usable this way.

That’s why Ctrlr handles MIDI Devices directly to skip the DAWs device handling and talk directly to the device on the other end. That creates a hole bunch of problems that we all know about.

I guess it’s up to you how will you handle this, in general One MIDI track is enough, Audio tracks are not needed (yet, that might change in the future), if your DAW knows how to deliver MIDI to VST effects, Ctrlr can be loaded on a mixer track as long as it gets the MIDI data it needs and is able to send the data it generates.