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"SirSickSik":1kwa2u1c wrote:
following the manual this should work, but I don’t see the mix parameter of unit A change..
Also, according to the manual, the DP-4 should automatically shift to edit-mode when receiving these sysex, but it doesn’t.
Anyone sees a (couple of) mistake(s) in here? This is the first time I do this sysex, so it’s probably me XD[/quote:1kwa2u1c]
In my experience a device does not respond to MIDI system exclusive messages due to any of the following situations:

1.MIDI Link error: conect MIDI Cable (Out to In) and (In to Out)
2.MIDI Device Configuration error: Select the correct MIDI Port in your program
3.Syntax error in MIDI Messages:
3.1. You wrote an "o" when it should be "0"
3.2. You wrote a number in decimal when it should be hex
4.DevId error: Your device or message have different DevId
5.Bulk Protect: Your device has a bulk protect on.