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Well, I asked on the Waldorf forums, and I was basically told to just send a bank/program change, without being told how to send a bank/program change. Google search I was able to find the following :

[quote:1uw7owl4]Bank MSB (CC#0) and Bank LSB (CC#32) are currently interchangeable,
this may change in the future.

Bank Select *LSB* (CC 32) plus Program Change

Banks 0-7 correspond to banks A-H in the Blofeld (global channel in
sound mode, multi part channel otherwise). You can switch up to 16
programs back-to-back without problems (in other words, set up a full
multi). Some controller surfaces might send more program changes in a
shorter time than the Blofeld needs to fetch the new program from
memory, so you should slow down a bit as you approach the final
destination (or rate limit the controller data if that is possible).

Bank 127 is for switching between multi programs on the global channel
(although it currently works on all channels). After switching to a
new multi you need to leave some time before you can switch the
programs in that multi (about 30 MIDI bytes over USB) so that Blofeld
can finish loading the multi before it gets new program changes.[/quote:1uw7owl4]

Does any of this make sense to you? I’m still lost. I don’t care about Multi’s. I just want to tell the blofeld to change to Bank X and Program xxx