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IF it can implemented into CTRLR directly, that would be great. If it takes to much time from other important features, I can try to teach myself enough to make it work. I was studying your midi example and it’s making sense. I wanted to get the Blofeld to respond to the send request first in your example before I started experimenting with my own code, which is how I ended up at checksum.

Here is how the documentation says checksum is calculated. I just realized though that I can just put in 7F and it will all be accepted automatically.

CHK : Sum of all databytes truncated to 7 bits.
The addition is done in 8 bit format, the result is
masked to 7 bits (00h to 7Fh). A checksum of 7Fh is
always accepted as valid.
IMPORTANT: the MIDI status-bytes as well as the
ID’s are not used for computing the checksum.