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"sonoro":2pa07w2p wrote:
hej there,

i have just recently found this app and i have to say its a real great alternative to mq. but there is one bug i have to fight with atm…

when i open the au in logic pro 9 (listet under incompatible plug ins btw.) i can see the gui, when midi through is checked i can play some notes, use the pitchbend and so on; but i cant use any of the other knobs or sliders, they just dont have any effect on the sound. i´m not sure if this is a fail on my side or on ctrlr´s side.

i have downloaded the latest version, but since it wasn´t possible for me to find the jx8p paneel in there i also downloaded the plugin from here ->

i use a macbook late 2006
logic pro 9
fireface 400

some info would be nice!
cheers sonoro[/quote:2pa07w2p]

I have exactly the same issue!!!!! Can someone kindly just help with this problem. PLEASE!?