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Maybe I can join in the confusion <img loading=” title=”Wink” />

Msepsis, I think what atom means by the indexing of the modulators to get proper values assigned to them is in essence the same activity I have done with my Midiox script, you use the position / index of a value in the long sysex message to link that to the proper controller. I’m guessing you can set that up in combination with assigning short cc or sysex messages to the knobs (as is the case in the MWXT panel). Whether you then parse the long sysex into the short messages or make some array to redirect/parse the long sysex-derived values to the correct knobs using an array or table is about the same amount of work. If this whole scripting is independent from the short sysex / cc message functionality that is already present, you can still turn a knob on your synth and also have your panel update directly.

What is not clear to me yet is how you can take/parse values out of a midi message and assign that to one of the modulators to update its value, but I guess that is what we should use the getModulatorByName() and getModulatorByIndex() methods for? Is that right atom?