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right. i definitely understand every synth has a different dump request string. <img loading=” title=”Smile” />

even if the panel is a demo for a synth I don’t have….

I see a requestProgram Lua script attached to the request program button that puts together a f0 01 25 05 xx xx f7 message. Fully aware that this bit is pure example and requires the morpho. but this is the only functionality I see scripted into the panel.

I see the midiMessageReceived code, what is this attached to? I was expecting it to be attached to output label, but nothing seems to be attached to that field. Like I said, I initiated a dump from my synth (not the panel as obviously that’s different code) and expected some input into the outputLabel field but got nothing. . .

None of the knobs have ccs assigned to them, I’d imagine the idea is that you do a dump request, the outputLabel updates w/ the long format sysex message, then the knobs update but how does this function if the knobs aren’t even assigned to controllers?

So far all i can tell this panel is good for is putting together a dump request from a morpho for the bank/program you select on the panel, what else can I learn from this demo panel? I don’t need to know how to put together a dump request. I already have that coded.


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