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Thanks netchoose, something like that should work. I have:

OscPitchBend = function(modulator, newValue)
bend = panel:getModulatorValue("PitchBend")
pbOsc1 = panel:getModulatorByName("Osc1Pitch")
pbOsc2 = panel:getModulatorByName("Osc2Pitch")

pbOsc1 = setModulatorValue (bend, true, true, true)
pbOsc2 = setModulatorValue (bend, true, true, true)


which is mysteriously spitting back a runtime error when testing the script w/ the bug icon (I notice most of the demo scripts atom posted also return runtime errors when checked, as mentioned previously in this thread)…

anyway regardless of the runtime error this method doesn’t disable when rotating the "PitchBend" modulator on my panel which the above Lua script is attached to, great. but rotating the "PitchBend" modulator does nothing to the Osc1Pitch or Osc2Pitch modulators. .. probably something minor.

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