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you can’t do
value = setModulatorValue(whatever.....)
this makes no sense, you need to call the setModulatorValue on an object
OscPitchBend = function(modulator, newValue)
bend = panel:getModulatorValue("PitchBend")
pbOsc1 = panel:getModulatorByName("Osc1Pitch")
pbOsc2 = panel:getModulatorByName("Osc2Pitch")

pbOsc1:setModulatorValue (bend, true, true, true)
pbOsc2:setModulatorValue (bend, true, true, true)

assuming i understand what you want to do, that is set the value of the "Osc1Pitch" and "Osc2Pitcj" to the value of PitchBend