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"dasfaker":2k60293w wrote:
The link give me an error and I can’t open the pdf.

Anyway, I did the Virus panel withou sysex documentation. There is a way to know which byte corresponds to which parameter.

Open an init patch in the synth and make a dump to midiox. Then change one parameter on the synth and make another dump to midiox. You can then compare the dumps and you will find that one byte is different (and maybe the checksum too, but this will be close to the end of then dump so you can forget it). Now you know the position in the dump of the parameter you changed. Go to the init patch and change another parameter…. Do this with all the parameters of a patch and you will have the position of each parameter in the dump.[/quote:2k60293w]

thanks for that advise. Now I faced to that Bytes issue =)