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"atom":2md8iofx wrote:
You are mixing two things, program data and controller data. Program data is what you get from the device if you request a program dump, a big blob of memory that describes the device state, it’s usualy a big SysEx message, this is what’s happening on the Virus TI panel.

You need to read the manual for the device, and find the section for Program Dumps or Bulk Dumps or something similar, and see how the data is structured there.[/quote:2md8iofx]

mate, could you please clarify what values should I use for that ranges?
programData = midiMessage:getLuaData():getRange(Value01,Value02)
programNumber = midiMessage:getLuaData():getRange(Value03,Value04)[/code:2md8iofx]

As I’ve already posted text from manual says
[quote:2md8iofx]PROGRAM FORMAT
In the Program Dump Messages, the Data Bytes contain the actual Program settings.
• The patch data is viewed as a bit stream where the different parameters only use as many bits as necessary for their actual format. All parameters are oriented with the most significant bit first. An 8-bit checksum is calculated over the entire data block and stored as the last 8 bits of the file. The checksum is calculated by adding all data Bytes together. Since a MIDI SysEx data Byte can only contain 7 bits, the bit stream is 8 to 7 bit converted to fit the MIDI format.
• A complete Patch (Program) Dump, including SysEx header and data, is transmitted in 261 Bytes. See page 156. (There is a big table which shows controls like OSC, Lfo and etc – Link to PDF … l_v1.2.pdf) [/quote:2md8iofx]

So as far as I understand I should add SysEx size 261 into code like this. am i right?
[code:2md8iofx] s = midiMessage:getSize()
if s == 261 then
if dump_send ~= nil then
if dump_send == 1 then
— console("received program data")
PatchDataLoaded = midiMessage:getLuaData()
dump_send = 0

Now for values Program Data and Patch Data – I dunnot what values show be used there.
pleas help!