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"dasfaker":2lk0n8z3 wrote:
[quote:2lk0n8z3]mate, could you please clarify what values should I use for that ranges?[/quote:2lk0n8z3]

Program data are the bytes that correspond to controllers values. So from the dump you receive from the synth, you have to count past the end of the header (value01) to the end of the controller data (value02). You have to look for it in the manual of the synth.

programNumber is a byte from the Virus dump that corresponds to the program number of the bank in which the patch is stored. It’s possible that in the Clavia dump this data is not stored.

As Atom said, you have to look in the manual which byte corresponds to each controller and later assign each byte to each modulator.[/quote:2lk0n8z3]

Sorry, manual doesn’t say that info. Or I can’t read it properly.
The only thing I get is that
– a complete Patch (Program) Dump, including SysEx header and data, is transmitted in 261 Bytes
– I guess that Patch Data could be from 1 to 210 according to "PROGRAM DUMP TO/FROM MEMORY LOCATION (MESSAGE TYPE $21)" where are the fields numbered as Patch Data 1…Patch Data 210
– the maximum size of each parameter in Bits is 8 from the table
– An 8-bit checksum is calculated over the entire data block and stored as the last 8 bits of the file.

In that case as I understood
value01 is equal 1
value02 is equal 210

as for
values03 it probably goes then as 211
value04 = 261

I opened patch as SysEx and it has content like 10 rows with 2 columns. Each row column has 8 bits in HEX format. Totaly 261 cells

I might be wrong..

This is NL3 manual which has Sysex info section as well … l_v1.2.pdf